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Seller FAQ

I am a brand, what is The Good Trends? 

The Good Trends is a curated online wholesale platform that helps you grow and streamline your specialty food brand by selling in a large fragmented pool of point of sales that independent distributors struggle to cover. It is easy to get started as we use your current DoC sites as an extension of your distribution network and turn it into a brand building wholesale channel. We therefore help put your brand in front of customers wherever they shop and share back sales data with you for free to help you grow your business with larger retailers.  

Our retailers love The Good Trends as we simplify the buying experience for them while giving them the best terms in the market.


How do I become a brand listed on The Good Trends?

We are always looking for new food brands and products on The Good Trends. The first step is to apply here to be a seller: Apply to be a seller. Note our local sellers sometimes also have buy for their stores. If that is the case for you, please use the same email address you use for your buying for the registrations

If you haven't received a response in a while, please contact us at

After your brand application is accepted, you’ll provide your catalog, photography, and wholesale details. Our team will then create your catalog and design brand pages page for your brand. All the upfront work will be done for you so that you can focus on selling! 

As soon as your profile is created, we’ll send you an activation email. You’ll be able to add and edit products through your The Good Trends dashboard.


How do I list my product on The Good Trends?

We will list as many products from your line as you wish as long as they are products that you are either the manufacturer for or the appointed importer for. We do not accept resellers of either brands and importers to list on The Good Trends as the pricing do not tend to work for everyone over the mid-term, 

To make sure your page is compelling to retailers, we suggest listing at least 10 products focusing on your best sellers. And in order to be eligible for all retail spaces, we suggest you also aim to list different formats of the same product, smaller format for impulse spaces, larger formats for shelf spaces.

To make sure the economics of shipping work for you, we usually restrict you distribution to Zone 3 shipping around where you are based. This ensure you make money with every order. You can use our free shipping simulator to understand your P&L with us.

In case you want to expand your geographical converge, please contact us at

We do not list products that retail above $50 the unit as they do not work typically work in our high volume retailers. Please note that we are not carrying gourmet items with a shelf life of under 3 months.

Note we are currently not accepting sellers from outside of the United States.


What are the charges to sell on The Good Trends?

For all our sellers, we charge a 15% commission on all orders based on the wholesale price to our retailers.  

We want to expand the reach of our brands and therefore this fee is mostly invested in the best terms for our retail customers

  • Flexible payment terms
  • Return management 
  • Reinvestment in sampling and discount in case of low rotations

For stores that you are already working with and that you recommend on The Good Trends, we reduce our commission to 5%, primarily payment fees. In order to benefit from this reduced commission, please send us the list of the stores you are currently working with and their contact email, we can help with the on-boarding for you.

There are no additional fixed cost to join The Good Trends. Create your account and start discovering new products!


Who manages returns? 

We do. We only want exceptional service to our retailers and simplicity for our brands. Therefore we manage potential returns on all orders and pay for return slips.

Note all seller must provide products with at least 3 months shelf life. Otherwise return will be billed back to the retailer at the end of month.

Note that multiple issue with return will result in lower seller KPIs and therefore loss of visibility on The Good Trends.


How do I get paid? 

Even though we offer Net terms to our retailers, we always pay you faster so you can continue sourcing quality materials and keep your business running. 

To simplify the reconciliation and payment process for our sellers, we pay our vendors on the 1rst of the month for all shipped orders during the previous month. At the same time, we issue a standard reconciliation statement highlighting orders of the month, status and final cash payouts. This allows for sellers to close the month from their end from an accounting standpoint. 

When setting up your account, you will provide bank account information and your payment preferences in your brand portal. Funds appear in your account within 1-2 business days of the payment being processed. 


How does price and shipping work?

For products to be listed on The Good Trends, unit pricing must be at least 30% below the MRRP for the product MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) with a target of 40%. We set MOQs at minimum 50$ per item order so that you can recoup shipping costs while retailers maintain maximum flexibility on their orders. Your MOQ will be the amount of cases needed to get to this amount at the wholesale price.

In order to make the order experience seamless for the retailers that will list you and encourage local buyings (we do not like shipping across the US), we will focus our offer on products with free shipping. We therefore ask our sellers to price their products so that the cost of shipping is included in their final wholesale price for local states (Zone 1-3 shipping) for a MOQ order. For areas further out than your free shipping areas, we will reimburse you the full cost of shipping for each order. Please refer to our free shipping cost calculator to understand how your drop shipping P&L will work. 

Note that by default, sellers will only have distribution rights in the state they are listing in and its neighboring states.

We set a target of maximum 3 days from order to ship for our brands, which you will be able to monitor as part of the Health of your account dashboard.


How are orders managed?

You will be able to manage orders directly from your dashboard or through email notifications that you can set for your or your fulfillment partner.  

We will send you a daily csv order file that you will be able to download daily csv, fill with order status and tracking number and reupload directly in the platform. Upon receipt of the tracking number, we will proceed with the payment for the orders based on the terms you specified.


Can I send samples or testers with my order?

Absolutely you can! And we definitely encourage you to do so as retailers love them as they boost their sales by between 30-50%.

If you did include a sample or tester in your order, let us know in the order fulfillment message and we will work with the store staff to ensure the right communication and education happens around your brands. We have seen brands sending sample being tremendously more successful at getting the retail staff buy in in store.

We believe in sampling as a key feature for our platform and are further building our capacity to sample. More updates soon!


What data do I get from analytics? 

We encourage our merchants to connect their POS system with us and will share back with you all the sales metrics they share with us. We know how important metrics like unit per store per week are to support a presentation to a retailer.

If there is custom distribution data you are interested in, please reach out to us directly at


How do I participate in seasonal events?

We will open soon the possibility to all our brand partners to participate in our seasonal event calendar aimed at promoting better retail activation for our store owners.