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Committed to more local food access

Posted by The Good Trends' editor on Sep 23rd 2019

Committed to more local food access

The Good Trends is a BtoB wholesale marketplace on a mission to connect local specialty food brands and with neighborhood retailers.

According to a study from the Food Trust, accessing healthy food is a challenge for nearly 30m Americans—particularly those living in low-income neighborhoods, communities of color, and rural areas. In hundreds of neighborhoods across the country, nutritious, affordable, and high quality food is largely missing. And studies strongly correlate better access with healthier eating as well as lower risk for obesity and other diet-related chronic diseases.

With decades of marketing experience in our management team, we realized that having a great brand with a great product and a beautiful story is unfortunately not enough to get access. Most of the times, small brand owners struggle to reach the retail distribution that they really need to secure the brand’s financial sustainability. Add to this a market where most middlemen - distributors and wholesalers - see innovation as high risk and manage them in an opaque way, it is no surprise that all brand founders we work with mention a teeth-pulling experience to grow their business. There must be a smarter way, one that does not require so much financial investment for so little learnings and give access to better food brands to more Americans.

We - The Good Trends co-founders – are passionate about food, about brands and about retail. As simple as it seems, we have set a mission to ourselves to help transform wholesale by connecting small healthy mission-driven brands with a diverse network of retail locations through a powerful yet easy-to-navigate technology platform.

Our purpose is to allow all consumers in the US to access healthier, more local food products in their local stores by streamlining food wholesale and making it more transparent.